Holistic Cancer Nutrition Program

Personalised Therapeutic Nutrition that can help make your body less hospitable to and more able to, fight cancer.
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A bespoke Cancer Nutrition program designed to address the unique needs of cancer patients.   

Manage treatment side effects

The right nutrition is crucial in supporting cancer patients to maintain a healthy weight and providing necessary nutrients for treatment and recovery. With a tailored nutrition plan, patients can manage side effects and improve their overall quality of life. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy often cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and mouth sores. Your Cancer Coach and nutritionist can guide you in managing these symptoms with specific foods, supplements, and protocols to maintain nutritional balance.

Treat cancer malnourishment

Research indicates that up to 80% of patients experience malnutrition during or after treatment. In fact, 10–20% of cancer patients’ deaths are related to malnutrition, not the malignancy itself. Cancer malnutritionment can negatively impact the effectiveness of treatment, impair muscle function, reduce the immune response, and increase the accumulation of toxicity in the body. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage malnutrition in cancer patients to support their overall health and wellbeing during treatment and recovery.

Build immunity & strength

Cancer and its treatments can weaken the immune system, leaving patients more vulnerable to infections and other health complications. Malnourishment, muscle loss, and fatigue are common side effects of cancer treatments that can further reduce patients’ strength and immunity. By providing adequate nutrition and incorporating physical activity, patients can maintain muscle mass and energy levels, improving their overall quality of life. Additionally, a strong immune system is essential for fighting cancer and preventing its recurrence.

Weight management

Managing weight in cancer patients is crucial as weight loss or gain can have significant impacts on treatment outcomes and overall health. Cancer treatments can cause side effects that affect appetite and digestion, leading to unintentional weight loss or gain. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for preserving muscle mass, supporting the immune system, and minimizing the risk of complications. Our personalised nutrition protocols help cancer patients maintain a healthy weight and improve their chances of successful treatment outcomes.

Special and restricted diets

We understand that cancer patients with specific cancers or undergoing certain treatments may struggle to consume solid foods, leading to nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition. Our team have extensive experience in working with patients with special needs to address these dietary challenges and provide patients with adequate nutrition. We cater to Cancer patients with diverse needs, including those with dietary restrictions due to oral cancer, to ensure they receive essential nutrients while managing side effects and addressing secondary health issues benefitting both the patient and their caregivers. 

A Dedicated Care Team By Your Side

With our dedicated Care Team, your recovery journey is made virtual and hassle-free. Our team takes the time to fully comprehend your medical history and objectives, and then creates a personalized recovery plan tailored to your unique needs. You'll receive unwavering support throughout your journey, and can stay connected with your Care Team via a WhatsApp group, making it effortless to ask questions, schedule appointments, and share your progress. Plus, our unlimited messaging support ensures that you can always get the help you need.

Results-driven cancer care

Studies have shown that a therapeutic diet can help cancer patients in many ways.

Fewer complications

Fewer hospitalizations

Better response to treatment

Improved quality of life

Potential improved survival/outcomes

Less odds of recurrence

Reduces treatment toxicity

Nutrition Therapy

Lifestyle Management

Mental Wellbeing

Movement Therapy

Dedicated Care Team

What clients are saying


Nivedita, Breast Cancer

"Awaana Health's team is extremely helpful in managing crucial condition like cancer. I was clueless on how to manage my nutrition while on chemotherapy, they helped me a lot. Even after my treatment completion, I am taking their services to detox my body and build it back. Many thanks to their team for their expertise. "

Smriti Suwal Kidney Cancer, USA

My overall experience was very positive. It was a learning journey to take care of myself. I learnt many new things regarding nutrition and supplements. I felt everything was doable and talking to them, even cancer felt curable. I would really like to thank Shruthi and the team for taking me under their wings and guiding me to love myself and to make changes for my body, mind and soul.Thank you Awaana team."

Anita Balaji Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Mumbai

"I came across Awaana when i was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The holistic approach appealed to me and I decided to enroll. The team guided me dedicatedly and efficiently during, before and after my treatment. I could stay positive and healthy throughout because of the diet, yoga therapy and mental health sessions. Now i have completed my treatment and I am in remission! I am still working with the team as I want to keep up my progress and stay healthy forever. Thanks to Awaana! "

Kirti Lalwani, Ovarian Cancer, Jaipur

"..I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2020. I relapsed shortly after my surgery and chemo and that is when I started Awaana's program. Shruti and her team supported me a lot mentally and I started seeing results slowly and steadily. The nutrition was so effective that I no longer felt tired or unwell after my chemo sessions. I felt normal and started feeling healthy again. Now it’s been 10 months and I feel much better than ever! Talking to Shruti felt like talking to a family member, and the entire team was there for me and my family throughout the journey. They always responded to any questions and stayed in touch constantly. Awaana’s team is doing very good work..."

Om Prakash, Oral Cancer, Pune

"This is for my father, who had oral cancer. He wasn’t able to eat properly because of blisters in his mouth. His appetite reduced and he lost a lot of weight in a short span of time. We were looking for some guidance, to be able to provide him with ideal nutrition as required in his case. With the highly customized diet plan provided, we were able to keep his nutrition levels in check during chemotherapy and radiation. Awaana Health provides holistic cancer care, with experienced nutritionists, oncologists, therapists, counsellors etc empaneled. Awaana has been instrumental in improving my father’s health, with their superior knowledge and guidance..." 

Purna Joshi, Breast Cancer, Mumbai

"I reached out to Awaana when my system was under a lot of stress. I was looking for someone to guide me in the correct direction, to bring me back on the path of healing myself, gaining my weight back...Team Awaana gave me the support and the nudge that I needed towards self-care and healing myself holistically. Right from making a dietary changes, supplementation, ozone water and also helping me get a grip on my emotional health, with all these now I am in a better place and healing myself joyfully. I am grateful to team Awaana for their support... and it's all personal and not a standard protocol, I will highly recommend it to other people..."

Amraw Lodha, Ovarian Cancer, Jaipur

."I started working with Awaana after my relapse. Working with the team was like working with my own family, they took care of each and everything, conducted sessions on mental health, yoga therapy, and were very prompt in answering queries! I made so many lifestyle modifications with their help, it lead me to a spiritual path and acceptance. I also understood the importance of proper nutrition. After the surgery and chemotherapy, I recovered faster, I also started some alternative therapies under their guidance and started feeling normal again, I don't have to take any further invasive treatments and am leading a normal and fulfilling life..."

Our Plans

Cancer Nutrition Plan


  • A personalised Nutrition Therapy plan
  • A dedicated care team with an Onco Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Care Manager. 
  • Advanced diagnostic testing protocols based on your condition.
  • Health history and blood work analysis with detailed interpretation, root cause analysis.  
  • 2 x Zoom Consultations every month.
  • Personalised nutrition therapy plan with recipes. 
  • Supplement recommendations. 
  • Personalised lifestyle recommendations.
  • Progress monitoring & symptom tracking. 
  • Private Whatsapp support group.


We have 3 months and 6 month plans. Please contact us for pricing.

Cancer Integrative Plan


  • All inclusions from Cancer Nutrition Plan
  • 3 x Private online Yoga Therapy sessions (per month)
  • 3 x Private online Emotional Counselling sessions (per month)


We have 3 months and 6 month plans. Please contact us for pricing. 

Steps to Success

Step 1

Screening & Assessment

We take the time to deep dive into your health history, genetics, and lifestyle to gain a complete picture of your overall health and use advanced diagnostic tests to further evaluate your health.

Step 2

Tailored Rehabilitation Plan

We design a personalised plan that includes reccomendations for diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications. Depending on the type of cancer and your stage in the treatment journey, we will provide specific nutritional guidelines to prepare for upcoming surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

Step 3

Track, Evaluate, Refine

We understand that cancer treatment requires different interventions at various stages. That's why we re-evaluate your symptoms, track your progress, and revise the plan for the coming month at the end of every month. We also repeat blood tests every 45-60 days to monitor results.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Awaana Health?

Awaana is a holistic health & wellness company.  We are on a mission to make functional medicine more accessible and empower people to live a happier, disease-free life.

What is integrative and functional medicine?

Integrative medicine evaluates a patient as a whole – including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being to heal and optimize health. It uses a combination of modern healthcare practices to diagnose and treat a person.

Functional medicine, also sometimes known as the "root cause" medicine embraces  the philosophy of Integrative medicine as described above but also employs a system-oriented and science backed medical approach that works to identify and understand the underlying or root causes of a disease.

The functional medicine model integrates our understanding of the human body, genetics, and external factors to identify and treat the underlying causes of disease. So rather than focusing on suppressing and managing symptoms, functional medicine looks deeper. There is an emphasis on the relationship between patient and practitioner as a partnership where every aspect of a patient’s medical history is considered in detail.

Are there any doctors onboard?

Yes, we work with reputed doctors and have a variety of specialists on board like oncologists, gynecologists, cardiologists etc. Our doctors are  on boarded after a careful screening process. An expertise in integrative medicine over and above their medical specialisation is a must for all Awaana Health doctors. 

Can I continue my treatment with this plan or is it a replacement for the doctors treatment?

You should continue with your treatment as long as your doctor advises you to do so. Our program will improve your chances of better  response to treatment and reduce side effects while building immunity and heal you heal faster. 

Does the plan include any medical treatment?

No. we only provide a holistic treatment that involves nutrition, physical therapy and mental well-being techniques and other complementary therapies for improving overall health and wellness. 

How is my privacy maintained?

We do not disclose any patients’ data without their consent.

Who analyses my reports?

Reports are analysed by a doctor along with the assigned health coach. All plans are designed after taking into account the doctor's observations. 

Does the plan include consultations with the doctor?

No. While all client plans are designed after an analysis of the patient history by a doctor, the plan does not include direct consultation with doctors. If you still wish to consult with one of our doctors directly then that can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Can I attend the program even if I am undergoing treatment?


Are your therapies an alternate to allopathic treatment?

No. The program is meant to compliment your treatment not replace it. 

Do you work with international clients?

Yes we work with many international clients. 

What is included in a plan?

  • Personalised one on one sessions, nutritional plans and therapies based on the patient’s assessment, pain points and medical reports.
  • Access to a personal nutritionist, Physical Therapist & Mental Wellbeing Coach. (Based on the selected plan.)
  • Expert analysis of medical history and lab reports. 
  • Coaching & guidance to help you make lifestyle changes.
  • Regular progress assessment and symptoms monitoring. 
  • Whatsapp messaging support (during working hours.)
  • Exclusive perks with partner health & lifestyle brands

What is not included in a plan?

The plan does not include

  • Direct consultations with a doctor.
  • Any lab tests or diagnostic tests.
  • Any medical procedures or medications. 
  • Cost of any supplements, groceries or equipment. 
  • Any emergency medical services.
  • Anything not mentioned in the what's included section. 

What is the duration of a program?

Minimum duration is 3 months. This is because that is the least amount of time you need to give your body before you see any significant changes. Years of damage, bad lifestyle choices and chronic diseases can't be reversed by few days of eating clean. It's going to take time and lots of consistent effort!

No, we dont accept clients for a shorter duration less than 3 months. 

What if I want to cancel my plan after joining?

Awaana Health offers all services at a fixed fee basis without any deductions or negotiations. We do not issue refunds for the purchase of services once the order is confirmed. If you do not wish to continue any further, please notify us and we will end your program immediately.

However, we have a one week Change of mind option. From the time of sign up, if you change your mind about doing the program within 7 days, we will offer a full refund after deducting a small processing fee. If any consultation/calls were done within those 7 days then charges for such consultation will be deducted from the total amount. Post one week, we are not able to offer any refunds.

What do you mean by unlimited whatsapp support?

Once you enroll, we are always available to answer any questions, doubts or queries you may have. You get unlimited messaging with your Care Team. This includes your health coach, and case manager.

Connect with them anytime through whatsapp messaging. You should get a response within 24 hours, but usually sooner. (Mon - Sat 9 am to 7 pm).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept NEFT, IMPS, Credit & Debit Card payments. 

For card payments a 2% processing fee will be added.