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Functional nutrition and integrative lifestyle management programs for a healthier you.

Chronic diseases can be reversed

Most chronic conditions are mainly caused by lifestyle patterns which also mean they are completely preventable and reversible!

Awaana Health can help you reverse chronic lifestyle diseases with Functional medicine, holistic health roadmap and a dedicated care team with a goal to address the root cause of your health issue and heal from within reducing dependence on medicines.


Functional Medicine

Address the Root Cause


Personalised to work for you

A Science Backed Approach to Holistic Recovery

Integrative & Holistic

We follow an integrative & functional medicine approach to address the root cause of your disease which goes further and beyond the conventional medical model.

A Dedicated Care Team

With every ongoing membership you get access to a personal Health Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist & Emotional Counsellor. Programs include 1-on-1 live sessions with multiple experts. 

Advanced Testing

We use comprehensive & advanced diagnostic testing, and use new age tools such as genetic testing to go to the root of cause of your concerns. 

Food as medicine

We believe that food should be the first medicine for any kind of disease. A holistic approach & targeted clinical nutrition that heals from within and reduces dependence on prescription pills.

Whole Body, Whole Person

Care based on all aspects of your wellbeing. nutrition therapy, sleep, supplements, mind-body health, stress management & lifestyle interventions.

Conditions we work with


– Diagnosed, Pre treatment
– During treatment
– Post treatment
– Relapse

Heart health & Metabolism

– Diabetes
– Cardiovascular, Stroke
– Post heart surgery recovery
– Obesity
– High lipid & Cholesterol
– Renal failure
– Fatty liver
– Chronic kidney diseases
– Hypertension


– Acid Reflux
– Leaky Gut
– Digestive disorders
– Gallstones


– Infertility
– Pregnancy
– Postpartum


– Thyroid
– Hormonal weight gain
– Insulin Resistance
– Hormonal Imbalance
– Menopause
– Andropause

What our clients are saying

Mr. Nand Kishore Chaudhary

Founder & Chairman Jaipur Rugs, Esteemed Social Entrepreneur

Mrs. Kriti Lawani


Mrs Kirti Lalwani


and many more happy stories!

I was facing gut issues, bloating, hyper acid reflux, constipation, acnes, irregular periods, dizziness, muscle cramps. My whole lifestyle changed after understanding about food, body and our mind connection from Awaana team. I feel very energetic, positive, light now. I feel more confident. My gut issues are way better than before. Skin got improved. I would highly recommend this to my family and friends.

Harsweet, 27 yrs

IT Professional

I had a heart attack at 36 and went through two angioplasty procedures. I was told by doctors that I might have to go through another high risk surgery. After Awaana’s intervention, I didn’t need the surgeries anymore and even lost 18 kgs in just 7 months, I felt so much better and positivity came back in my life, there was a profound change. They gave me a practical approach based on my lifestyle, and there was so much personal attention. I feel so much more confident about myself, and my mental framework has become so positive. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Jatin, 38


I had arthritis, severe acidity, inflammation and put on a lot of weight. Shruti came to my rescue when I hit rock bottom. In two months I was just transformed and my health significantly improved.  I not only lost all the extra weight but she changed my mind and life forever! You are doing great, thank you so much Shruti !!

Harshita, 30 yrs


Holistic care, stress free & virtual!

All our programs are completely online. Join from anywhere!

How to get started


Head over to the JOIN page and select the plan that works for you. You can also schedule a call with a membership counsellor to understand the right program for your needs. Make the payment and get started from the comfort of your home.

Comprehensive Testing & Analysis

We ask questions and collect detailed information about your medical history. We share a list of diagnostic tests that you will need do and send us reports before we can design the right plan for your recovery.

Start your plan

You get a detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan made for your by a doctor and nutrition expert. You start 1-1 online sessions with the health coach, movement therapist and the mental counsellor as per your plan.

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